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iCell Water nuBioAge

iCell Water™ (The Amino Drink) optimizes cell signaling through modulation of cell volume. Using neutral amino acid osmolytes and creatine to maximize cellular hydration. Revolutionizing the way we drink water.


  • L-Alanine:  5g
  • Creatine Monohydrate:  5g
  • Glycine:  4g
  • L-Glutamine:  3g
  • L-Leucine:  3g

Enhanced Cell Volume

  • Places cell in the ultimate state of signaling capacity
  • Promotes lypolysis and counteracts proteolysis and glycogenolysis.
  • Prevents intracellular catabolic effect.
  • Higher intracellular water showed better functional performance independent of muscle mass
  • Intracellular water was the main predictor of leg strength and jump performance in highly trained athletes.
  • Decrease in ICW during training was found to have reduced power and grip strength.

60 capsules